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Denver, CO, Jan. 16th 2006 - As an Internet Marketer with 12 years expertise TheSEOLeader.com understands the key to massive success is to watch for shifts by the big players and ride the wave. We have been driving thousands of monthly  leads on a pay per "High Quality Lead" basis to National  companies such as Centex, Full Spectrum, Countrywide, E-Loans, LowerMyBills, BarNone, Car.com and many others for years. Pay per "High Quality Lead" means a client ONLY pays when someone implements a search to buy their product or service, is educated on why to buy from that client and then decides to fill out the clients own application.

TheSEOLeader.com states "The time for massive LOCAL Internet marketing success is here!" You are about to be awe struck by the most comprehensive, affordable strategy ever devised! NOTE: To achieve maximum results for each client, TheSEOLeader.com accepts only one vertical market company per state.

A report by Nielsen determined that while the demand for search engine advertising is continuing to grow quickly, the supply of search inventory is not. The dwindling supply deals with the growing costs of PPC advertising. See Report

Unless you are an extremely knowledgeable PPC and SEO Marketer it is nearly impossible for the local companies to financially compete with their National counterparts for this limited space. This dwindling supply of search engine advertising space has actually created a phenomenal opportunity for advertisers!

The search engines now need more local advertising dollars to grow and they are all fighting for it! Every search engine and directory such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL, Ask, LookSmart to name a few, are creating cost effective avenues for the local advertiser. As you will see below TheSEOLeader.com has taken  this wave to a much higher level!

A report by Borrell Associates Inc the search engines and directories only account for 36% of all local Internet advertising dollars The bulk of local Internet advertising belongs to TV, Radio, Newspaper and Vertical Pure-Play web sites. See Report 

TheSEOLeader has devised a cost effective marketing strategy that taps into every aspect of this local marketing wave. Whether it be PPC search engines, directories, natural search engine listings, or TV, Radio, Newspaper,Vertical Pure-Play web sites your ad will be there on a Cost Per Highly Qualified Lead! After a minimal set up cost each click will be delivered directly to a customized maximum conversion web site where the searcher will make an informed decision to fill out your own form and delivered exclusively to you in seconds!

As your campaign builds your ads will start appearing on these prestigious networks and more! NOTE: The National TV, Radio and Newspaper agreements were recently established. While the ads are appearing on many of their sites already, CBS, Infinity, Scripps and MediaNews Corp are still in the process of distributing the code out to their entire network of Web sites Nationwide.

You are truly catching the wave of the most Explosive Local  Marketing Strategy Ever Devised!.

Click on any logo to see the massive list of Web sites your ad can appear

cbs television stations infinity broadcasting scripps howard publications media news group associated press cnet msnbc
Yahoo Overture Yahoo marketing google home store newsday usa today verizon superpages


The Details:

  • Create a customized maximum ROI web site to drive Highly Qualified Local Leads to your form
  • Build a massive list of locally targeted keywords derived from your target market 
  • Place your highly targeted ad to all of the prestigious networks above and more
  • Track every click, from every source to constantly improve on YOUR Return On Investment
  • Continually work with you to grow your company according to YOUR Goals
  • We accept only one vertical market company per state for maximum exclusive growth
  • If requested we will help to optimize and grow you present Web site (for a small monthly fee)
  • Link exchange to non-completive sites is imperative for natural search engine positioning.
  • There is a minimum 90 day trial period, after that you can cancel at any time with 30 day notice

The Costs:

  • A minimal set up fee based on your campaign needs
  • Then you only pay for how many Highly Qualified Leads you request for each month
  • The per lead fee will vary depending on the vertical market
  • Stay in control: If you want 100 Highly Qualified Leads per month that is all you pay for
  • Local buyers that are searching to purchase your product or service
  • These people qualify as Highly Qualified Leads according to your criteria
  • The ONLY additional fee would be if you would like us to help optimize your present Web site.
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